February 02, 2016

New Morphology Center in Ashgabat

In the beginning of 2016 the plans of the Turkmen Ministry of Health for the establishment of a morphology center in Ashgabat further materialize. The construction, executed by a Turkish construction company, steadily advances, and also the contract for the medical equipment has now been signed between the main contractor and hospitalia international.

The Morphology Center is the very first facility of its kind in Turkmenistan and comprises a combination of

- university education, i.e. training of doctors in the field of anatomy,
- pathology, i.e. classical tissue removal and examination up to determination of DNA,
- forensics, i.e. classical autopsy and determination of the cause of death using modern chromatography technique.

Without doubt the highlight within the anatomy are the virtual workplaces. This means that the future pathologists and forensic doctors may undertake virtual examinations on the basis of the three dimensional anatomic presentation of the human body.

The forensics enable the proof of e.g. drugs, alcohol and other toxic substances through latest-state-of-the-art chromatography systems as well as virtual autopsy with a CT. Furthermore, a top modern electronic system for face reconstruction is available.

The opening of the Morphology Center is scheduled to take place on occasion of the annual exhibition "Health" in July 2016.

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