July 30, 2019

“Health -2019” – International Exhibition in Turkmenistan

As every year in July hospitalia international uses the opportunity to meet participants, guest and our valuable partners at the “Health -2019”, the international exhibition in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. It is as well as an excellent forum to establish contact with new potential clients. The “Health -2019” in Turkmenistan became a premier regional and international event that provides access to the latest information on national and international developments in the healthcare sector. We are proud to be a part of the great Turkmenistan healthcare community, presenting our new achievements and offering our know-how for your new healthcare projects at the exhibition.

September 30, 2018

TECNOSALUD – Medical Exhibition in Arequipa, Peru

The largest and most important annual exhibition in the health care and medical equipment sector in Peru was held from 13 to 15 of September 2018 in Arequipa. For the first time hospitalia international participated in this event, jointly sharing a booth with colleagues from Fresenius Medical Care Peru, in order to present the range of services offered by the Fresenius Group in Peru to the professionals and visitors. The portfolio covers everything from planning and conception (design) of the hospitals and other medical faculties of all kinds including shipment, installation, training and maintenance of the medical technical equipment as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment of dialysis patients – from a single source.


Furthermore the exhibition offered a unique forum to present and explain the possibilities and advantages of German export credit financing by HERMES (German Export Credit Agency) to the expert audience. The event was met by considerable interest as evidenced in the many discussions afterwards.


TECNOSALUD – Feria de productos para la salud en Arequipa, Peru


TECNOSALUD , el evento más especializado en el sector de la medicina y la salud en el Perú, tuvo lugar en Arequipa del 13 al 15 de septiembre 2018. hospitalia international gmbh se presentaba, junto con colegas de Fresenius Medical Care Peru, en un stand común, para presentar el ramo de servicios ofertado por el grupo Fresenius en el Perú al personal especializado y a los visitantes. El portfolio comprende diseño y planificación de hospitales y otras instituciones de cualquier índole, incluyendo suministro, instalación, entrenamiento y mantenimiento del equipamiento médico-técnico así como el cuidado médico de pacientes con insuficiencias renales tanto en el hospital como en residencia – de un solo contratista.


Además, la feria presentaba la oportunidad de presentar y explicar a los especialistas las posibilidades y aventajas de la financiación de un crédito a la exportación alemana bajo HERMES (ECA alemana). La reunión contaba con mucho interés lo que se manifestaba en las muchas discusiones llevadas después de la presentación.

August 02, 2018

Modern Sanatorium opens on the Caspian Sea

The construction of the new state-of-art nine-storey complex of the sanatorium was successfully completed and now is ready to receive patients in Awaza in the city of Turkmenbashy, on the coastline of the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan. The sanatorium has a capacity for 200 patients and occupies around 19.000 square meters.

hospitalia international successfully realized delivery, installation and commissioning of the most modern medical equipment from leading global manufacturers for this project. The balneology department is fitted with equipment for mineral water treatment baths, underwater spine stretching and four-section arm and leg baths. Lifting devices with special hydraulic systems have been installed for patients with musculoskeletal disorders and injuries at the pools with sea and mineral water. The pools themselves are equipped with underwater training equipment and also with units for hydrotherapeutic treatment. Beyond the usual range of classical physiotherapy and rehabilitation, innovative technology helps to determine the persons’ fitness and define the required type as well as effectiveness and intensity of appropriate exercises.

July 25, 2018

The “Health -2018” International Exhibition in Turkmenistan

The “Health -2018” international exhibition traditionally has been held on the 20th -22nd of July in the Turkmen capital, Ashgabat. The exhibition offers specialists the opportunity to become aware of advanced methods and services in the medical industry. It is thus honour and tradition for hospitalia international among other medical and pharmaceutical companies, who are specialized in different branches of medicine and medical industry, to take part in this event.

September 12, 2017

hospitalia Branch Office in Peru

hospitalia international gmbh opened its new office on 12.09.2017 within Magdalena del Mar, a district of the Peruvian capital Lima. After several years the company returns to Latin America to build on previous successes.

Following its foundation in 1964 hospitalia international gmbh started activities in Peru and supported the government of the time in the development of a health infrastructure to the benefit of the Peruvian population. From Callao to La Unión more than 20 hospitals plus 50 rural medical and 50 sanitary stations as well as 11 health centers in the countryside were fully equipped providing primary care to the rural population. Building on this successful start very many projects all over Latin America followed.

The ceremonial opening of the Branch Office took place in presence of numerous invited guests that demonstrated great interest in the activities of hospitalia international. Among the guests were construction companies, medical equipment manufacturers, suppliers and agents, representatives of several provincial governments as well as the managing director of the German-Peruvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry who also represented the German Embassy in the gathering.

March 10, 2017

Recertification acc. to ISO 9001:2015

The ISO 9001 which defines the requirements for quality management systems has been thoroughly revised and was finally published in September 2015. All organizations certified according to this standard now have a maximum period of three years to adapt their quality management system to the revised standard.

hospitalia international gmbh has modified its quality management system to comply with the new requirements and successfully passed recertification in February 2017. The new certificate is valid as of 12.03.2017 for the usual period of three years.

March 18, 2016

Ashgabat: New Center for Neurology

In Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan, as yet does not exist a hospital which is dedicated exclusively to neurology. In some of the hospitals respective departments exist but there is no specialized institution as such.

The new center for neurology which currently is under construction shall concentrate all possibilities for an optimum treatment of patients in one facility. In total the hospital will have 146 beds, thereof 80 bariatric and 24 intensive care beds, For medical diagnostics and treatment a MRT 3.5 Tesla, which will then be the largest MRT installed in Turkmenistan, two operating theaters as well as two angiography systems will be supplied, among other medical equipment.

Furthermore, a very large physiotherapy department is foreseen, offering very many and different treatment options which go beyond the usual range of classical  physiotherapy. The focus is particularly on patients who need to learn everything anew from very beginning. So for motion sequences and learning of how to walk there will be a number of treadmills available, some of them with particular appliances for patients unable to stand upright without support, balance trainers, etc. A special feature is certainly an especially equipped kitchen which was very important to the hospital. Moreover, a separate area is dedicated to language therapy.

hospitalia international has signed the contract for the supply of the medical equipment with the Turkish main contractor who is responsible for the construction part of the project. The opening of the Neurology Center is scheduled to take place on occasion of the annual exhibition "Health" in July 2016 in Ashgabat.

February 02, 2016

New Morphology Center in Ashgabat

In the beginning of 2016 the plans of the Turkmen Ministry of Health for the establishment of a morphology center in Ashgabat further materialize. The construction, executed by a Turkish construction company, steadily advances, and also the contract for the medical equipment has now been signed between the main contractor and hospitalia international.

The Morphology Center is the very first facility of its kind in Turkmenistan and comprises a combination of

- university education, i.e. training of doctors in the field of anatomy,
- pathology, i.e. classical tissue removal and examination up to determination of DNA,
- forensics, i.e. classical autopsy and determination of the cause of death using modern chromatography technique.

Without doubt the highlight within the anatomy are the virtual workplaces. This means that the future pathologists and forensic doctors may undertake virtual examinations on the basis of the three dimensional anatomic presentation of the human body.

The forensics enable the proof of e.g. drugs, alcohol and other toxic substances through latest-state-of-the-art chromatography systems as well as virtual autopsy with a CT. Furthermore, a top modern electronic system for face reconstruction is available.

The opening of the Morphology Center is scheduled to take place on occasion of the annual exhibition "Health" in July 2016.

December 21, 2015

New medical equipment for the Second Hospital of Longyan

Built originally in 1970 the Second Hospital of Longyan has recently been renovated and enlarged by a newly constructed building. It has been upgraded to a Grade 3 general hospital including a medicine and healthcare research & development center, with a total capacity of 1500 beds. After completion it will become the largest and best equipped hospital in the Western part of Fujian province. As such it will not only offer medical care to the more than 2.5 million inhabitants of Longyan itself but surely will also attract patients from outside the city. A professional team of some 1580 employees including 260 specialists take care of the wellbeing of the hospital's patients.

In mid December 2015 a contract with hospitalia international came into force for the supply of medical equipment for the Second Hospital of Longyan. Among the items to be delivered in the first half of 2016 is high sophisticated equipment such as MRI, CT and a linear accelerator, equipment for digital radiography and digital subtraction angiography as well as a total of four ambulances.

The investment is financed by a promotional loan of the Federal Republic of Germany, administered through Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau.

August 12, 2015

Inauguration of the new cardiological center in Ashgabat

In a colourful opening ceremony in Turkmenistan the cardiological center was officially opened by the Turkmen President Mr. Berdimuhamedov himself on occasion of the Exhibition Health 2015 in Ashgabat at the end of July.

It is the extension of the 21-bed heart clinic S.A. Niyasov International Medical Center completed in 1998 which had been named after the President of Turkmenistan at that time. The clinic represents the cornerstone of today's medical City of Ashgabat with its wide range of specialized medical facilities.

For the new cardiological center the former hospital was completely renovated and extended by an additional building. The in-bed capacity was increased to 165 beds and also the respective diagnostic and therapeutic departments as well as specific laboratories were enlarged accordingly. Thus this hospital is now one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the area. Particularly noteworthy are the four operating theaters of highest technical standard as well as the two angiopraphy systems including state-of-the-art navigation, arhythsmology and simulation technology.

During the solemn inauguration ceremony the clinic was renamed to be the International Cardiology Center from now on.

hospitalia international already had executed and equipped the first clinic as Turnkey Provider. For the renovated center including extension hospitalia international again elaborated the planning and supplied the entire medical equipment.

July 20, 2015

Health 2015 in Turkmenistan

2015 is a very special year in the history of the health exhibition in Ashgabat as Turkmenistan celebrates the 20th anniversary of Saglyk, the national program for the development of the healthcare infrastructure. Ever since substantial progress has been made, in particular in Ashgabat where a so-called Medical City has been established. A considerable number of specialized clinics as well as other medical facilities with state-of-the-art equipment have been erected and put into operation in a defined location on the outskirts of Ashgabat. Many of them have been equipped by hospitalia international.

It is thus honour and obligation for hospitalia international to participate in the health exhibition with its own booth, just as in the many previous years. In total more than 250 companies of the pharmaceutical and medical equipment sector have presented their goods at the exhibition, most of them originating from EU. Also, several facilities closely linked to the healthcare sector such as Turkmenistan’s state-run institutions, research and training centers, sanatoria, etc. presented their services.

September 11, 2014

Official signing ceremony

The ceremonial signing of the contract took place in presence of key representatives of the client, i.e. PKU Healthcare Industry Group, of the KfW Office Beijing as well as the German Embassy. The goods to be supplied under this contract is latest-state-of-the-art medical equipment, in particular radiology equipment, a hybrid operating theater incl. an intraoperative MRI as well as radiotherapy equipment, to the Peking University International Hospital. The project is financed through a so-called promotional loan by KfW. It is a newly built hospital which will be put into operation in several phases until end of 2015 having then finally 1800 beds in total. The hospital will offer first class medical care for 1.7 million people in the immediate catchment area and more than 3 million people in the extended catchment area. The key medical disciplines include cardiovascular diseases, oncology and hematology, ophthalmology, gynaecology and pediatrics, neurology, urology and nephrology. hospitalia international will supply a considerable part of the medical equipment under this contract. The first phase is envisaged to start operations in December 2014.

February 10, 2014

hospitalia international

This year „HI“ is celebrating a landmark birthday which fills the management and staff with great pride.

For five decades now, the company has been offering its international healthcare customers an impressive range of services which stands out for far-reaching expertise, well-established know-how, maximum flexibility, top quality and individual support. In a nutshell, complete solutions from one source — sparked by a project idea and crowned by the start-up of state-of-the-art medical appliances and equipment.

Formed as a joint subsidiary of Siemens AG and Philips Gloelampenfabriken BV, hospitalia is operating today as part of globally leading healthcare giant Fresenius. The big asset of any service-oriented company is its well-trained, friendly staff. Dynamically growing challenges in a continually changing market environment are being mastered with a high degree of flexibility and commitment, always having a close eye on the development of new markets. The successful implementation of more than 700 projects in over 50 countries speaks for itself and marks the company’s journey through the decades.

We would like to thank all our business partners for their confidence and kind cooperation over all these years.

November 21, 2013

International Medical Center in Ulaanbaatar

First activities of the International Medical Center (IMC) hospital project started in 2010 with the aim to establish a pioneer healthcare facility with services of international standard in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.  

The private hospital will provide 90 inpatient beds and offer diagnostic and treatment services for the disciplines of internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology. In addition to specialist outpatient services and daycare facilities a health screening center is also provided.

September 16, 2013

Medical Equipment for Vietnam Province Nghe An

The project is aimed at the strengthening of the health system of Nghe An Province in SR Vietnam. Nghe An is the largest province on the Northern coast of Vietnam with a population of some 3 million inhabitants and covering an area of approx. 8.000 km².   The contract is now in force and comprises the delivery of medical equipment to 6 major hospitals and 171 communal health centers within Nghe An.

The scope of supply reaches from ambulance cars to digital x-ray equipment. hospitalia international gmbh is responsible for the purchasing, delivery, installation, commissioning and warranty services of the medical equipment supplied as well as for the training of the hospital staff. A major challenge is the delivery to 171 communal health centers located in different districts distributed all over the province.

The Nghe An project is already the second contract for hospitalia international under the financial co-operation program between SR Vietnam and Germany.

July 26, 2013

Opening of new Dental Clinic in Ashgabat

hospitalia international had signed a contract for the entire medical and technical equipment of a new Dental Clinic. The new clinic has been erected within the premises of the so-called Medical City of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. Provided with 47 dental treatment places and a correspondingly specialized dental laboratory the clinic will be able to offer the most modern treatment to its patients.

In a colourful opening ceremony usual for such occasions in Turkmenistan the new Dental Clinic was officially put into operation by His Excellency Mr. Berymukhammedov G., President of the Republic of Turkmenistan.

September 12, 2012

We have moved!

hospitalia international gmbh has moved from Oberursel to new office premises in Bad Homburg.
Please find below the new address and telephone number:

hospitalia international gmbh
Rathausplatz 3
61348 Bad Homburg
Tel.   +49 (0) 6172 - 608 4400
Fax   +49 (0) 6172 - 608 4470

August 06, 2012

New Branch Office in Erbil

Beginning of August 2012 hospitalia international has opened up a new Branch Office in the Kurdistan region. The necessity to build up and expand the existing healthcare infrastructure in the area is high. Through its own office with German staff on site hospitalia international will support these activities.

July 23, 2012

Exhibition in Turkmenistan

Leading companies of the international medical and pharmaceutical industry have been represented at the exhibition. During his visit the Minister of Health who was accompanied by an official of the Turkmenian Chamber of Commerce also stopped at the booth of hospitalia international. With great interest the Minister followed the demonstration of a video laryngoscope which is used for intubations in emergency situations. The booth of hospitalia international was honoured with the No. 1 ranking.

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