September 12, 2017

hospitalia Branch Office in Peru

hospitalia international gmbh opened its new office on 12.09.2017 within Magdalena del Mar, a district of the Peruvian capital Lima. After several years the company returns to Latin America to build on previous successes.

Following its foundation in 1964 hospitalia international gmbh started activities in Peru and supported the government of the time in the development of a health infrastructure to the benefit of the Peruvian population. From Callao to La Unión more than 20 hospitals plus 50 rural medical and 50 sanitary stations as well as 11 health centers in the countryside were fully equipped providing primary care to the rural population. Building on this successful start very many projects all over Latin America followed.

The ceremonial opening of the Branch Office took place in presence of numerous invited guests that demonstrated great interest in the activities of hospitalia international. Among the guests were construction companies, medical equipment manufacturers, suppliers and agents, representatives of several provincial governments as well as the managing director of the German-Peruvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry who also represented the German Embassy in the gathering.

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