Hospital Planning

Planning of hospital projects

Precise planning is the basis for success for each and any healthcare facility – from basic and simple health centers in remote, rural environments to complex and high sophisticated hospitals offering maximum care in the cities.

When selecting the individual items required for the equipping of a hospital, we keep in mind that the equipment corresponds to the latest state of art. At the same time also aspects such as cost effectiveness and user friendliness, availability of spare parts and maintenance service are considered. Based on our experience we guarantee a manufacturer-independent equipment planning, tailor-made to the specific requirements of the individual project.


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Planning means to us:  


  • Definition of requirements considering operational, economical and medical aspects
  • Dimensioning of the hospital departments 
  • Determination of medical and technical equipment  
  • Implementation of latest-state-of-art technologies
  • Protection of environment and staff as well as highest standard of patient care 
  • Budget-oriented dimensioning 
  • Consideration of site-specific and cultural characteristics 
  • Cost-effectiveness and longevity of the project 
  • Low operating costs and safe patient care