Hospital Equipment

Auswahl der passenden Klinik-Ausstattung

„The whole is more than the sum of its parts” already Aristotle said and same is true for the large inventory of equipment existing in a hospital. Not only technical parameters and purchase price are the decisive factors regarding the functionality of a hospital.

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Hospital equipment means to us: 

  • Manufacturer-independent procurement worldwide 
  • Optimum compatibility of the components 
  • Quality, longevity and low operating cost 
  • Complete order processing 
  • Control of conformity and certificates 
  • Complete logistics from factory to hospital site 
  • Interface management between M&E and medical equipment 
  • Installation, supervision of installation 
  • Training, tests, commissioning 
  • Handing over of medical equipment in operating conditions 
  • Staff training 
  • Service and maintenance concepts
  • Consumables
  • Supply of spare parts